“Sally Wolfe has created a brave and intelligent heroine, whose spiritual quest tests her mercilessly. Consolations, a beautifully-told story of spiritual longing and forbidden love, moves across the landscape from leafy New England to the arroyos of Santa Fe, carrying the reader along on an engrossing journey of spiritual and sexual awakening.”
-Elizabeth McKenzie, Author of critically-acclaimed novel, STOP THAT GIRL


I would definitely recommend this book – Sally Wolfe’s novel, Consolations, is a very interesting, personal, moving read. Sally’s writing style really draws you into the story, as if you are looking over Fiona’s… Read more

Haunting and unforgettable  – Haunting and beautiful, Consolations perfectly balances a fascinating, relatable heroine with meaty themes like spiritual struggle and personal discovery.  Read more

Hauntingly beautiful – Fiona Ingram’s story is full of passion, secrets and soul searching. This is a book that stays with you long after reading.

highly recommend!! – This is a deep and engaging journey of the heart and spirit — I felt such a resonance with both what was being described and the beauty of how the story is told … Read more

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