“Consolations is extraordinary—beautifully written and compelling!
So intimate, so human, so divine. I couldn’t put it down. What an accomplishment!”
-Gangaji, Internationally Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Author,
Hidden Treasure and Diamond in Your Pocket  www.gangaji.org

“I just finished Consolations. I love it. It has transported me to a different state of consciousness.  You are an extraordinary writer!–and this is an extraordinary book.“
–Linda Lambdin, Director,  Tierra Pacifica School
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The novel Consolations is a beautiful and haunting story of forbidden love—a woman’s lifelong struggle to reconcile her all too human feelings with her quest for the highest spiritual life.

It is 1951 and young Fiona Ingram is full of the fervor of a new convert. Following in the footsteps of her inspiration, Thomas Merton, she abandons a promising academic career and enters Epiphany Abbey, ablaze with the certainty that a life dedicated to seeking God alone is the great adventure—and that it is meant for her.

What she finds there is not what she expects: Reverend Nathan Woods, a Jesuit and professor of theology who comes to give the annual retreat. When their forbidden affair ends abruptly, Fiona, now Sister Bridget, suffers a split in her soul. Under the guidance of the compassionate abbess, she tries to ‘reclaim her heart’ and her lost fervor. She conforms outwardly as she rises in positions of authority and responsibility in the order, yet she continues to struggle to understand and resolve her relationship with Nathan—all the while carrying on a secret correspondence with him, until she is forced—in a final encounter and spiritual crisis—to dive deep into the stillpoint of her soul and discover the truth.

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